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Heart Basic Screening - $25

Recommended for: All adults age 18 and older

To schedule, call 601-948-6262.


  • Height/Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Fasting/lipid profile
  • Glucose
  • Resting EKG
  • Heart Risk Assessment

For the most accurate results, you will need to fast for 12 hours prior to your screening. The lipid profile and glucose check require a blood draw.

Valued at $450

For your convenience, the Heart Basic Screening is offered through our Baptist Medical Clinic network at the following locations:

  • Byram
  • Clinton
  • Dogwood
  • Gluckstadt
  • Madison

Call 601-948-6262 to schedule an appointment at the clinic nearest you.

Your Heart Basic Screening

This screening package is offered by Baptist Medical Clinic locations throughout the metro Jackson area. Baptist’s staff can make an appointment for you at the clinic most conveniently located for you.

A member of the clinical staff at one of the Baptist Medical Clinic locations will take you through all the steps of the Heart Basic Screening. When you are finished, he or she will enter the information into an electronic record for a clinic physician to evaluate. The screening takes approximately 30 minutes.

If You Have Questions About Your Results

Baptist Medical Clinic staff will mail or email your completed screening report to you, usually in about seven to ten days. We can also mail a copy of your report to your doctor. If your EKG results indicate a need for immediate follow up, you will see a clinic physician or nurse practitioner for a consultation before you leave. If your blood work indicates a need for immediate follow up, a nurse will contact you by phone. If you have questions about your results, or if you need help scheduling recommended follow up screenings, simply call the clinic where you had your screening. A nurse or other professional at the clinic can answer questions and help you with your next steps.

About Baptist's Screening Programs

1. Specific health criteria apply for all screenings. Participants will be asked qualifying information during registration.

2. Screening packages are available by appointment and are evaluated by Baptist nurses and physicians.

3. Reports may be sent to you and the physician of your choice.

4. Insurance is not filed for most* screening packages. Payment is through cash or check at Baptist Medical Center. Payment at Baptist Medical Clinic locations includes cash, check or debit / credit cards.
* Insurance is filed for the Lung Select LDCT screening.

Trust your heart to Baptist Heart. Make an appointment today. Call 601-968-1966.